Lock & Load Closing Ceremonies

Lock & Load year two is in the books, and it was a great show for staff and attendee alike. During the closing ceremonies awards and trophies were given to tournament winners and event winners and a heartfelt thanks was expressed to all those who made this incredible weekend possible. Naturally we want to acknowledge the amazing work of our own event manager Jason Martin and the workhorse that is our Quartermaster, Will Hungerford. We had dozens of committed Press Gangers donating their own time to help keep this event moving, and we can’t thank them enough. They’re fantastic! And finally, an EPIC thank you goes to the hundreds of WARMACHINE and HORDES players who traveled to Seattle from all over the world to spend the weekend playing, painting, and socializing over the games. We couldn’t ask for more excited and dedicated players! We look forward to seeing you next year!

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Masters Lists

Here are the lists involved in the Lock and Load Masters final game.

Jason Flanzer (1st Place)
Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls (+7)
Runes of War, Tier 4
- Mulg the Ancient 12
- Earthborn Dire Troll 10
- Dire Troll Mauler 9
- Trollk Axer 6
Runeshapers 3
Runeshapers 3
Runeshapers 3
Runeshapers 3
Krielstone Bearer (max) 4
- Stone Scribe Elder 1
Janissa Stonetide 3

Jacob VanMeter (2nd Place)
Vayl, Consul of Everblight (+6)
Machinations of Shadow, Tier 4
- Ravagore 9
- Ravagore 9
- Angelius 8
- Angelius 8
- Scythean 8
- Harrier 2
Blighted Legionnaires (max) 6
Spawning Vessel 3
Shepard 1
Shepard 1
Spell Martyr 1

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Lock & Load Masters Winner!

Lock & Load Masters is over! After a truly epic battle between Trollbloods and Legion of Everblight, we have a winner!

Here are the Lock & Load Masters results:

1st: Jason Flanzer (Trollbloods)
2nd: Jacob Van Meter (Legion of Everblight)
3rd: Ryan Tomlinson (Cryx)

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Lock & Load Formula P3 Grandmaster!

Brant Benoit has had one hell of a day. Not only did he win the Hardcore Master Craftsman title, he also took home gold in the Group and Single Miniature categories and one the title of Grandmaster in the Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Completion. Not bad for a day’s work.

Here’s the model that captured him the prestigious title of Grandmaster!




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Awesome Armies – Bryce Jensen

Another stupendously painted army from our very talented Lock & Load attendees. This is Bryce Jensen’s beautiful Cryx army.




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Tournament Results – Three Commanders

The Lock & Load Three Commanders team tournament just finished, and here are the results!

1st Place
Team: Dumpy Crumpy
Team Members: Michael Winters, Chad Shonkwiler, Crump
Factions: Cryx /Trollbloods/Circle of Oboros

2nd Place
Team: Chain Attack
Team Members: Scott Wray, Trevor Larsen, Jay Christensen
Factions: Cryx / Trollbloods / Cryx

3rd Place
Team: Team Endgame
Team Members: Vincent Scherrer, Tim Spangler, Manny Trembley
Factions: Mercenaries / Retribution of Scyrah / Trollbloods

Fully Painted: Alexander Cragg

Best Uniform: Team Chain Attack

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Masters Final!

The Lock & Load Masters has begun! Jacob VanMeter and Jason Flanzer will battle out for the title – and in grand fashion. The final game will be shown on the big screen and Privateer Staffers Will Shock, David “DC” Carl, and Will Hungerford will provide commentary.

Results and lists to come!



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