Seminar Survey: Army Painting Foundry

The first seminar of the day is studio manager Ron Kruzie’s Army Painting Foundry. Here, Ron discusses the philosophy and techniques of painting a great-looking army fast and effectively, using methods developed by the Privateer Press Studio over years of professional miniature painting.

As Ron himself says, “The Army Painting Foundry covers just about every dirty trick in the book on getting nicely painted minis on the table!”

Here’s what two of our attendees had to say about the Army Painting Foudry:

Cody Torok – “I liked the two brush blending; it was somthing I’ve always tried, but I learned today in like 10 seconds. It was fantasitc! Probably the highlight of the seminar.

Danny Nelson – “I thought it was really cool. I liked the trick he used where he puts his paintpots in his paint tray to keep them wet.”



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