Seminar Survey: Editorial Consult

Although not technically a seminar, managing editor Darla Kennerud’s editorial consult is an incredible opportunity for six lucky writers. Darla is meeting with six Lock & Load attendees to give a personal editorial critique of one piece of fiction, poetry, or anything involving the written word. As a writer who has worked with Darla over the last year, I can tell you her advice is invaluable.

I had a chance to talk to Sam Ross, one of the lucky writers who spent fifteen minutes with Darla, and this is what he had to say about the experience:

NQ: So, what did you bring in today for Darla to review?

Sam: A piece of the first chapter of some long-form fiction.

NQ: Did you find Darla’s feedback useful?

Sam: It was definitely good feedback. She helped me clean up the text considerably and identify a few problems that I was having that were systemic. These were issues that I had suspected were there, but she quickly identified them and moving forward I think it will help out quite a bit.

NQ: So is it safe to say that this was a good experience?

Sam: I definitely got a lot out of it, and it will help me with my writing.


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One Response to Seminar Survey: Editorial Consult

  1. gdaybloke says:

    Darla’s awesome in my book.

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