Lock & Load Announcement: Iron Kingdoms RPG

One of the reasons we at Privateer Press are so jazzed to have our own convention is that it’s a great place to make those huge, earthshaking announcments about upcoming products. So, without further ado, here’s a big one, info gleaned from the Iron Kingdoms RPG announcement.

  • Release Date: Gen Con 2012
  • System: Proprietary. This system shares some common mechanical elements with a couple games you already know and love: WARMACHINE and HORDES.
  • Classes: You will have the ability to play warcasters or warlocks in the RPG. With a flexible system for how you start off your campaign, you can also play such a character from session one, not just after months of adventuring.

Here’s a look at the in-progress cover for the first book.

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20 Responses to Lock & Load Announcement: Iron Kingdoms RPG

  1. Siygess says:

    Really great to hear! Was there any mention of the Witchfire Trilogy and plans to update & reprint it for the new system? How about plans to provide character conversion rules from the D20 IKRPG?

  2. Great news.

    Of course, our Thursday game just finished a long campaign using the old Iron Kingdoms books. We’ll probably spend a little time away from it before trying out your new system.

    Hope it rocks.

  3. Jason Lang says:

    Worried about being able to play Warcaster/Warlock first thing. It runs into the Jedi problem from the various Star Wars RPGs out there. (The Jedi Problem is: Why would you choose anything else?). But I have faith…

    • Rabbitknight says:

      Because with the star wars RPG it’s actually a pretty bad choice mechanically to play a jedi, roleplay wise, depends on the era it’s set in.

    • Cato the Elder says:

      It seems pretty balanced so far. In our group we have one warcaster and two players with jack marshel. I play our mercenary group’s comander. We are now finaly up to three jacks and the warcaster went with two of them (damaged condition) and barely beat a squad of skelltons. After he rises up a few levels he will be pretty awesome with them. But my charector’s investigation, tracking and leadership skills won’t be replaced by his mini-army.

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  6. Falcon says:

    “You will have the ability to play warcasters or warlocks in the RPG”
    Does that mean, these will be the only two classes available? 😉

  7. bob nerd says:

    Finally! But we have to wait for 2012?!
    Well, someone knows anything about a preview!?

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  9. Adolfo_HG says:

    Good news!!

    I don´t like the old d20 system for Iron Kingdoms…

    I hope new notices 😉

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  11. Jonathan Felber says:

    Well I know something to add to my buy list at GenCon this year…good to start making the list early

  12. werekitty says:

    It’s going to be a 2d6+stat system. Revealed on the forums.

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  14. DM Doom says:

    Here I was going through my Amazon wish list, cutting out all the games I’ve wanted to acquire as ‘unnecessary’ and after looking at the price tag of the Iron Kingdoms D20 game I flinched and sighed. “Well, scratch that one off the list, ah well, I do enjoy food.” I said to myself. Then I’m glancing at Penny Arcade for the second time in three years and what do they mention, Iron Kingdoms, then my newly rekindled fondness of steampunk begins to grow and now I find myself looking forward to getting into this RPG once it’s published.

    Curses 😛

    DM Doom

  15. scrapthrall says:

    …At last.
    But just how compatible will the old printed material be? Got the full set exept for the L&L caracter primer. I’d hate the Idea that it would all be obsolete…

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