L&L Announcement: Level 7

This one is short and sweet, but packs one hell of a lot of excitement in a single sentence:

Summer of next year, the first product in Privateer Press’ all new science fiction setting Level 7 will be released worldwide.

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26 Responses to L&L Announcement: Level 7

  1. azzokk says:

    PLEASE!!! Let this be a tradition DICE game like Warmachine and Hordes!!

  2. Niceyard says:

    There is still a SF-product from FlyingGames.de called Level1 and Level2.
    Level3 is in development.
    So, seems to be a bit dorky to name it Level7.

    • Kyle Wende says:

      “Level 7” refers to the highest threat rank of a nuclear accident or disaster. It makes perfect sense to use that as the title of a post-apocalyptic setting.

      • Niceyard says:

        It doesn’t matter if the meaning makes sense.
        The name is too similar to another product in the same branche.
        It will be misstaken.

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  4. capsfan34 says:

    Section 7 will be featuring steam powered spaceships trying to shoot spikey planets into black holes

  5. wambie says:

    This is so cool, another Sci-Fi game! With the best part, I know absolutely NOTHING about it…. AWESOME!!!

    Well Ok, Privateer has done many cool things in the past and it can be assumed that they will continue the tradition, but come-on people follow your template of when you first released Warmachine. Sell us cool boxes of ready made armies to get our engines running. But maybe I just expect more from a company like Privateer Press.

  6. Please please please don’t include any space elves or orks. That’s been overdone. Come up with something new.

  7. K$ says:

    Will the Retribution be the first army in this game since they already look like space elves?

  8. tabletophell says:

    Level 7? Well, PP definitely needs something refreshing and new… I hope this is just a codename, ’cause it doesn’t sound too promising. On the other hand, who knows, Malifaux sounded pretty s…. name. Now everyone know about it and there is large groups that play the game.

  9. AZWarcaster says:

    I really wish you guys would get your stuff together before you even think of making another game. 1. Have all your current line up available (and dont run out!) 2. run your own distribution chain, distributors are inefficient. I can think of ten sku’s that have been out of stock for at least three months!

  10. marcraxus says:

    @AZWarcaster, granted, I have no internal knowledge of PP’s workings but I would imagine that they are continuing to expand and again with the over the top release schedule they had last year compared to this year, they have some breathing room to both catch up and expand.

    If they don’t continue to innovate and create new products then they will fall by the wayside. I’ve been waiting expectantly for something sci-fi to come from them for a number of years now.

  11. BIG RICH says:

    Quite a buzz about Level 7. Can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves! :O)

  12. AJ the Ronin says:

    Please tease us a lot and don’t leave us with nothing until 3 months before release. Is bad enough we have to way over a year for the IK RPG 😛

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  14. Tinman XL says:

    I’m leaning towards thinking it’s a post-apocalyptic setting, because there also happens to be a novel by Mordecai Roshwald of the same name – which happens the be of the same genre.

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  20. redwulfe says:

    I hope they playtest it well and allow an open playtest for those of us who don’t mind proxying. i think the playtest of mark II was good and hope they do it for this as well.

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