Lock & Load Announcement: Heap

Bodgers makes a tiumphant return next year with an all new card game: Heap.

Heap gives players a chance to rove a post apocalyptic landscape where giant piles of discarded scrap are warred over by bands of goblin bodgers in order to customize their motley fleet of deadly motor vehicles. Outfit your mighty truck with a rusty steam shovel, put a mega cannon on your gyrocoptor, feel the need for speed with a nitrous speed booster under your car’s hood, or strap some deadly electro blades onto the wheels of your chopper, and show your opponents who is king of the heap!

The newest Bodgers card game brings back fast and furious action with just the right dash of hilarious fun and plenty of goblin mayhem players expect from the Bodgers brand. Perfect for a wild night of post apocalyptic mayhem with friends, Heap is quick to learn, hard to master, and fully loaded with fun.

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