Seminar Survey: History of the Iron Kingdoms

I had a chance to sit down with Privateer Press lead writer Doug Seacat and talk to him about his fascinating seminar History of the Iron Kingdoms.

NQ: Doug, gives us quick overview of your lecture?

DS: I have an hour to discuss the entire history of Immoren, which I have determined is not nearly enough! I have a presentation which lets me, in theory, go from the creation of the world of Caen to the present. I’ve switched things up a little bit in each lecture but have decided to spend a bit more time on the “prehistory” section of our history, having to do with the gods and the myths around our cosmology, since those are areas not detailed as much in our WARMACHINE and HORDES books. But I’m trying to at least get as far as the Corvis Treaties if I can manage it. I’ve also been reserving a bit of time for Q&A at the end.

NQ: How much of the information in your lecture is unknown to our audience?

DS: That depends entirely on the specific audience! Since it is history, this isn’t really “new” information but even our most hardcore fans and readers have probably not put some of these factions together in quite the same way I’m presenting them. Since we have a lot of recent history in our Mk II books, I decided to focus on certain sections of the past that were only really covered in detail in our older books, which quite a few of our attendees have never read.

NQ: I know there is a Q&A portion of the seminar. Any tough questions?

DS: I wouldn’t say there have been any that were extremely challenging, except for my occasional memory lapse. But they have asked things I am not at liberty to reveal, such as whether human magic is truly responsible for whatever is ailing the elven gods. There are some mysteries in our setting which are deliberate and I’m not here to dispel them. But quite a few great questions have come up, showing our attendees have a strong grasp of our setting and its history coming in. There have been some great questions about the infernals, the Cult of Cyriss, the origins of human magic, the Orgoth, and many other topics.

NQ: Any plans to expand the seminar next year. Maybe cover the continent of Zu?

DS: I guess we’ll see! I doubt if my bosses want me extemporaneously making up setting facts on the fly without any oversight or review, but certainly this is a topic I could create an entire college seminar for rather than a single 1-hour lecture. More time = more detail, more Q&A, etc. I’d love to expand the lecture just so we can get into the details a bit more.

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2 Responses to Seminar Survey: History of the Iron Kingdoms

  1. faultie says:

    The Q&A was spectacular, and the seminar top-notch! Well done, and thanks.

  2. Gamethrall says:

    I would love a college class on the history of Immoren!

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