Tournament Results: 5 Commanders

The 5 Commanders team tournament was a blast for all involved. Here are the top three teams and their members.

First Place – Team Discovery Channel

  • General: Adam Bloom
  • Colonel: Nick Kendall
  • Major: Mike Emery
  • Captain: Dave D.
  • Lieutenant: Shawn Hopkins

Second Place – Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

  • General: Chad Martin
  • Colonel: Jose Luis Coteriano
  • Major: Joey Dupler
  • Captain: Jeff Churchill
  • Lieutenant: Tony Schneider

Third Place – Team Phoenix

  • General: Mike O’Donnell
  • Colonel: Dallas Johnson
  • Major: Jefferson Jorgenson
  • Captain: Jason Tuttle
  • Lieutenant: Taylor Smart
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2 Responses to Tournament Results: 5 Commanders

  1. MenothJohn says:

    The correct spelling of the Team Phoenix player is Jason Tuttle

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