Tournament Results: Masters Final

Here they are: those powerhouses of WARMACHINE and HORDES skill who have proved themsleves champions at the first annual Lock & Load GameFest. These are the Masters finalists!

  • 1st Place: Will Pagani (Circle)
  • 2nd Place: Danny Modesto (Protectorate)
  • 3rd Place: Ryan Tomlinson (Cryx) 
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5 Responses to Tournament Results: Masters Final

  1. Matthew says:

    Finally a Circle Champion

  2. Gabriel says:

    …Pretty sure it has happened before. Last years UK masters I believe.

  3. symbstale says:

    Gabriel is correct.

  4. theHman says:

    Circle won? But how is that possible?
    I thought Cryx was supremely OP and unbeatable. Have I been lied to???

  5. Cpt Ipod says:

    why no legion in top 3…. looks like im gonna have to come play next year

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