No Quarter Magazine Covers Gen Con 2011

Can’t make Gen Con this year? Never fear, No Quarter Magazine will be providing thorough coverage of the entire Gen Con 2011 Privateer Press experience through the No Quarter Magazine Presents blog

Along with Staff Writer Simon Berman and Quartermaster Jen Ikuta, I will be providing coverage of the entire show, including tournament coverage, interviews with competitors and casual players alike, chats with other staffers, and enough images to make you feel like you’re right there in the action! We’ll also be posting tournament outcomes to our Twitter @privateerpress.

So tune in Thursday, August 4th for exciting Gen Con coverage and follow along the entire weekend as Privateer Press invades Indianapolis!

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2 Responses to No Quarter Magazine Covers Gen Con 2011

  1. althai says:

    Sweet. I was disappointed not to make Gen Con this year, so I’ll be following along closely. Please get plenty of pictures of the painting competition!

  2. khador247 says:

    I’m anxious to see what news is in store. Normally GenCon is filled with spoilers but will Lock & Load steal the thunder? Time will tell.

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