Hardcore Interviews

After their hard-fought match, I sat down with the final two combatants in Saturday’s Hardcore event to discuss their lists and tactics.

Jason Watt:

“My list was a Xerxis “brick.” I had double Cataphract Cetrati, full Nihilators, Beast Handlers, agonizer, a Titan Sentry and a Cyclops Shaman. It’s designed to move slowly across the board in shield wall, and then punish the opponent once it gets there. I was surprised that the final battle was Skorne on Skorne, but I knew how Chuck played, and I felt I executed well against him. A pivotal moment in the game is when I popped my feat and didn’t get to activate all my models because the time ran out.”

Chuck Elswick:

My list was based off of a 35-point Rasheth list I had played before in casual games at home; I just scaled it up to 50 points. I went with Rasheth because everyone expects you to play a caster in Hardcore that is all about the caster kill. I chose a warlock that could take some punishment and with enough fury to transfer damage when I needed. Rasheth’s feat allows you to get through your opponent’s armor as well as keep him from retaliating. I also picked models that could take a hit and survive long enough to retaliate. The pivotal moment in the game was when Xerxis charged my Cannonner and missed his attacks. Even with full fury, Xerxis was unable to kill the Titan. I was then able to take Xerxis out on my turn.

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