Sturm and Drang!

Matt DiPietro has spent most of his Gen Con hard at work painting the new Thornfall Alliance warlock. Today he finished!

Here’s a first look at the finished Sturm and Drang studio model!



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5 Responses to Sturm and Drang!

  1. Nick Johnson says:

    Any chance of telling us which month he’s due out, Aeryn?

  2. Most Likely November with the Epics and Domination.

  3. is that the plastic hammersmith behind him?

    • althai says:

      Can’t be. That looks like an ironclad chassis from the legs, and the plastic hammersmith is based on the same chassis as the Centurion, which is a slightly sharper/larger version of the original Centurion chassis. Also, the Hammersmith hammers don’t look like the quake hammer, which is what that appears to be. (I saw the plastic hammersmith master at Lock&Load.)

      Matt always has an ironclad on his table at conventions to demo techniques for passersby, and I bet that’s what this is. As for why it appears to have two hammers? Your guess is as good as mine.

  4. Benjihuff says:

    No behind him is an Iron Clad chassis with the defender hammer added, I saw him painting it.

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