Two-Player Battle Box Pre-Release!

The booth is abuzz with excitement for the pre-release of WARMACHINE Two-Player Battle Box!

Here’s a quick rundown of what this awesome product contains.

Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff
1 Juggernaut
1 Destroyer
5 Man-O-War Shocktroopers
High Exemplar Kreoss
1 Crusader
1 Vanquisher
1 Repenter
5 Exemplar Cinerators
WARMACHINE digest-sized rulebook
No Quarter Promotional Issue #1
Quick Start Rules
Introduction Guide to Steam-Powered Miniatures Combat
4 Privateer Press Dice

This is an incredible value at just $100, for what would otherwise be over $200 in models and exclusive items like the WARMACHINE digest-sized rulebook and is available in limited quantities as a special pre-release right now at Gen Con 2011!




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3 Responses to Two-Player Battle Box Pre-Release!

  1. Leon Vickers says:

    I just wish some of these items where pre released in the UK, the US gets them all!

  2. mike says:

    I second that 😀

  3. Any chance the digest-sized rulebook becomes available outside of the two-player starter? I already have 3 factions and don’t need more, but the book would be very handy to add to my gaming bag.

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