Privateer Press Staff Panel

One of the crowning events of Lock & Load day one was the staff panel with Matt Wilson, Director of Business Will Shick, and Creative Director Ed Bourelle. Among the things discussed was the reasoning behind fewer models in WARMACHINE: Colossals and a return to a standard spread of models in HORDES: Gargantuans. In order to keep focus in playtest and concept on the huge new models of Colossals as well as giving HORDES armies a chance to play catch-up with the larger number of options available to WARMACHINE players, it was decided to release fewer models than normal in the Colossals book but to supplement them with the refined and expanded rules for Unbound games. However, WARMACHINE players seeking even more new models should not despair. Models from next year’s book will begin hitting shelves in the coming months as the models found in the pages of Colossals finish releasing this summer and fall!

Of course the panel also revealed some of the awesome WARMACHINE and HORDES models headed your way in the near future. Here are some of the highlights:

Rask, a bog trog warlock for the Blindwater Congregation

A new unit of undead Swamp Shambler bog trogs for the Blindwater Congregation

Warlock units for HORDES including the Hunters Grim, Supreme Archdomina Makeda & the Exalted Court

A new epic version of Lylyth, our first huge-based Epic Cavalry Battle Engine Warlock (!!!)

Light Calvary for WARMACHINE, which includes Khadoran Greylord Outriders and Cryx Bane Riders

A mysterious new blade-wielding unit for the Retribution of Scyrah

Finally, Lock & Load attendees were treated to a very special welcome to LEVEL 7…

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2 Responses to Privateer Press Staff Panel

  1. Neldar says:

    Bane cavalry is light? That concept art that’s going around looks mighty heavy.

  2. jcr says:

    Soulhunters are light already so Bane cav are definitely heavy; it’s a miscommunication.

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